“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.”

Leonardo da Vinci

WARNING: this project has ceased

Because my previous employer Prof. Ney decided to focus on other projects, this project has simply ceased. Arnaud Dagnelies

What is YAMTS ?

YAMTS is an acronym for Yet Another Machine Translation System. Despite many machine translation systems already exist (Moses, Joshua, …), we think that we can still go beyond in terms of simplicity, automation and performances.


  • Simplicity
    • for users
    • for developers
  • Plug and play
    • it can be easely extended using plug-ins
    • all models, searches, optimization, etc …can be swapped/added like lego blocks.
    • you have a great new model? Make a ‘jar’ out of it and it can be automatically integrated, tested & shared.

Why should I use it ?

  • Because it is competitive.
  • Because it is user friendly.
  • Because it is fun to develop in the code.
  • Because it is easy to extend using plugins.
  • Because results are reproduceable and verifiable: any model & algorithm is packaged as a self-contained plug-in which can be tested independently.